Psycho-educational and Developmental Assessments

These assessments are used to uncover the student’s profile of strengths and weaknesses of abilities. It is a comprehensive evaluation that consists of developmental history, review of previous evaluations/interventions if any, behavior rating scales, and an appropriate battery of diagnostic tests.



The test battery varies depending upon the nature of the referral. It includes:


  • Cognitive testing (intellectual, language, memory)
  • Academic testing (reading, writing, comprehension, math)
  • Attention and executive functioning
  • Emotional-social-behavioral assessment.
  • Visual/motor coordination, auditory processing, and other areas related to learning


 A meeting with the parents is arranged later to discuss results, intervention recommendations, and a tailored strategy plan. The parent(s)/legal guardian receive the results via a written report.


 In most cases, a school conference meeting with teachers, parents, and evaluator is recommended, in order to share the results from the assessment and provide recommendations for accommodations in the classroom. This step is included in the fees.




Gifted Evaluation


The gifted evaluation provides parents with valuable insight into their child's intellectual development. IQ testing is also required for special services and placement within schools.

Pre-K and Kindergarten School Readiness Screenings


The readiness evaluation allows for the screening of cognitive, academic, and socio-emotional functioning to determine your child's ability to succeed in Kindergarten or 1st-grade placement.







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