Educational Therapy : 

Brain Training + Tutoring in one Program

Our unique program provides a whole-child approach
to help children succeed in school and in life.


















































Our innovative and comprehensive method combines brain training to target processing/brain skills (including attention, memory, auditory and visual processing, and processing speed) and tutoring to focus on academic skills, study skills, test preparation and homework in each session.This unique intervention allows children to learn better and acquire the necessary strategies and tools to improve academically.


We are eager to build a team between therapist-parents-school, to let children reach their full potential. We work closely with parents to provide strategies related to organizational and study skills and emotional readiness for learning, as well as with teachers to provide recommendations for accommodations in the classroom and to have a fluent communication in order to set up goals and expectations for the child.  


Educational therapists work individually with the child, either at home or our office. They receive weekly supervision and training by Valeria Fontanals, licensed school psychologist and Harvard trained, who also meets with parents, teachers and other professionals working with the child. 






1) Parents have an initial meeting with Valeria Fontanals, licensed school psychologist and director of Values & Strengths, to discuss their child’s needs and review developmental and academic milestones. If the child has a previous psycho-educational assessment, it is reviewed and no further assessment is needed. 


2) If there are no previous assessments, depending of the nature of the problem identified in the first meeting, a full psycho-educational assessment or educational-intellectual testing may be recommended. This can take place in our office, or at the child's school or home.


3) Psycho-educational assessment or educational testing takes place if preferred or a tailor plan is designed according to previous testing.


4) According to the results of the assessment, a tailored plan is designed for each child.


5) An educational therapist works individually with the child either at your home or our office. The director of Values & Strengths supervises the sessions, and has regular follow-ups with parents.


6) If possible, a school conference meeting with teachers, parents, and the director of Values & Strengths takes place in order to discuss accommodations in the classroom and build a close relationship between school-parents-therapist.


7) We have model of continuous assessment throughout our interventions in order to make the necessary adjustments and provide individualized and high-quality services.  







Our approach is based on neuropsychology, neuroeducation, positive psychology, cognitive psychology and systemic psychology.


We use cognitive training programs, games, academic and psychological interventions, among other tools to let children reach their full potential.


With over 15 years of experience, we put together the best and innovative practices to achieve immediate and long lasting results in your child’s life.










Our program was initially designed for children with specific learning difficulties or ADHD.


However, over the last years, we found that it also serves the needs of children who do not have a specific disorder but are not succeeding in school, either because they struggle in reading and writing, or in planning and study skills, their behavior negatively impacts their academic performance, or because of lack of motivation.




Parents could rely on having a specialist at home dedicated to deal with homework and schoolwork, while at the same time work with their child's cognitive and emotional development. Moreover, parents can learn strategies to better assist their child in school.





When the child works with us, we are eager to have a fluent communication with the teacher so as to build a great team to let the child succeed in school.


Teachers feel confident that they have a support system outside of the classroom that aligns with their expectations and goals.




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