Parental Support


VS strives to support not only the student but their support system as well. Our Director is available to meet with parents and schools, as requested, to discuss strategies that can be implemented in the home setting that align with and support treatment. These meetings are conveniently available via face to face, or via phone or video conferencing (Skype) to meet the needs and schedules of all families. 



School Placement Assistance


VS also provides assistance with school placement according to each child's individual profiles and needs. Our Director provides comprehensive information and support during every step of the process toward an appropriate school placement.



Coffee Chats


VS offers monthly complimentary Coffee Chat to parents to assist them with their child's learning needs. Each month covers a different topic and it can be delivered by our Director, Speech Therapist, or another therapist from our team.


Brain-Based Activities


In-home brain-based workshop is a great way for children to learn and practice literacy skills, math skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork through fun and engaging activities! Best of all, these take place in the comfort of your home during school breaks, including summer, holidays, or even teacher planning days.




Summer Brain Camp


Summer Brain Camp is a great way to keep your child's brain active during time off from school! Children engage in play-based learning and research-based brain and academic programs. They use their body and brain to practice literacy skills and build confidence toward learning.




Recommendations for Educational Games


VS provides recommendations for educational games and materials that can be implemented at home by parents and caretakers. This is a great way to maintain your child's engagement and support the development of new skills. Recommendations are made according to your child's developmental stage and interests.




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Parent Support

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